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Is it necessary to attach a cover letter to your resume? Yes, do not get carried away by the popular notion that recruiters do not care about cover letters let alone creative cover letters. Washington post reported that 53% of employers prefer a resume with a great cover letter. Who knows, your recruiter can just be part of the 53%. So check these good cover letter examples and improve your own.

We provided good cover letter examples with tips, mostly short cover letter examples- 70% of hiring managers prefers it short and concise. To create a great cover letter that will improve your chances of landing your dream job!

What Should a Great Cover Letter Say?

A great cover letter has five components in a particular order. You will understand this better as we explain it in the good cover letter examples.

  1. Contact information
  2. Greeting
  3. Introduction
  4. Content
  5. Call to action

Contact Information: A good cover letter will have clearly written contact information for the applicant and the company.

70% of employers agree that addressing the letter specifically to the hiring manager will increase the applicant’s chances. Make sure you research and use the name of the hiring manager instead of using a generic name. The same applies to salutation. You can see this in the great cover letter examples.

Greetings: writing a creative cover letter starts from the salutation where you address the hiring manager or recruiter by name. See instances from some great cover letter examples

Dear Stacy Moffat

If you know the gender of the hiring manager, the salutation can take this form:

Dear Ms. Moffat

Prof. Johnson, Sgt. Rollins are also acceptable

Introduction: this is the part you introduce yourself, where you got the ad from, and your reason for applying for the job. You have to make it interesting. Make sure it is concise and creative.

See an example of the introduction from a short cover letter sample:

“I am happy to see your job posts for a content manager at Am a graduate of mass communication with 3 years working experience as a content creator”

To write a catchy introduction and a creative cover letter in general, you need to research about the company. Learn more about this from the great cover letter examples.

Content: Describe more about your education, qualifications, relevant experience in the content. It should be at least two paragraphs.

Also, include your accomplishments, your relevant skills, and abilities that will be of great asset to the company. Make sure you do this with correct grammatical structure, no typos errors, or use of jargon. Do not write in third person tone. Give a good impression about yourself from the cover letter.

Furthermore, make sure the body paragraphs address every need in the job requirement. This is the reason you can not have a generic cover letter.  

You can bullet point your achievements and experience as it meets the job description. Look at the content of this short cover letter sample.

“Your job requirements specify the need for a person with experience in content writing and copywriting. I have excellent experience in both specializations. When I was working at Rollins Inc., I was the lead content and copywriter to generate leads to the business among other responsibilities”

Call To Action: the final section is for the call to action. Make it aware to the hiring manager that you are ready for an interview at any time. In addition, thank them for using their time to read the cover letter. Look at the ending of a particular short cover letter sample

“I value your time examining my application, and it will be delightful to attend an interview with you”



What Should a Great Cover Letter Say?

The five parts of a cover letter should fit right into a single page. Let it be concise and compelling. Go straight to the point. You will learn this better as we look into the best cover letter examples.

Make sure it is free of typos/grammatical errors. Have a friend or anybody else read the application before submitting it. Make them check that these were avoided in your cover letter:

  • Unprofessional font, background or signature
  • Unprofessional email content
  • Causal tone

Three things are essential in a cover letter and how you describe it varies, depending on the position, relevant experience, and qualification.

  1. The position
  2. Qualification
  3. Your plan to carry it out the responsibility

Briefly describe these factors in the cover letter. You can utilize our great cover letter examples to write your own cover letter and have your dream job!

Hiring manager may contact you soon if you are primarily selected for next step of the recruitment. You can also send a follow-up email to the recruiter.

Best Cover Letter Examples

You can use any of these 3 best cover letter examples as a template to build your own cover letter.

Also, take advantage of our explanation on why the cover letter is part of the good cover letter examples, to create your original cover letter. Our best cover letter examples only cover the short cover letter examples and the medium good cover letter examples.

Hiring managers are majorly interested in the concise and creative cover letter. Recruiters prefer a cover letter that will make them happy. We will show you how you can write an interesting cover letter even from the good cover letter examples.

Sample Cover Letter One – Professional Cover Letter

Henry Taylor,
221 west London Street
[Phone number]
December 1 2020

Ms. Mary Toni,
Lead Recruiter
Bloomberg Corporation
124 Highbury Avenue
+353 1 000 3999

Dear Ms. Toni

Your company’s advertisement for a senior accountant position, on LinkedIn drew my attention. I believe my work experience, professional qualifications, and skills will make me successful at this position.

I started my career in the banking industry, where I worked for 5 years before securing a job at Linux accounting firm. The firm offered me the opportunity to practice accounting for 15 years, in which I was the chief accountant for 9 years. Currently, I am a financial consultant as well as an auditor to different private, public companies and institutions.

I have double masters’ degree in Accounting and Business Administration from the Cambridge University and Leicester University respectively. At some point in my career, I obtained the following professional qualifications:

• Chartered Accountant (CA
• Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
• Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

I have enclosed my resume where you will find more details about how my educational background, work experience, and skills can be of asset to Bloomberg corporations.

I look forward for an interview at your convenient time, to discuss further on how my skills can be of benefit to your company. You can reach my (email) or (phone number) to contact me.

Thank You.
Henry Taylor

What Makes This Cover Letter Great?

Short and Concise: This cover letter is somewhat different from other good cover letter examples. It is a cover letter for a professional position, yet, short and concise. We cannot emphasize this enough; your cover letter is not the end. It is a means to the end so try to leave some suspense in your cover letter.

Articulation: The cover letter is well articulated. The work experience, educational background, and professional qualifications is clearly stated. This will allow the recruiter to identify the main points on the cover letter easily.

The applicant does not waste time in mentioning his work experience. For a professional position as this, the primary factor for hiring will be your experience. Also, your versatility and the job candidate waste no time in highlighting them.

Call to action: The applicant provides his contact details for a quick action from the hiring manager. This will enable the recruiter to contact the candidate instantly if he qualifies for the job.

Sample Cover Letter Two – Recent Graduate Cover Letter

Jane Susan
225 north 14th street
New York

September 3 2020

Mr. Robinson Cooper,
1245 Washington Street
(621) 753-2450

In response to your job advertisement on, I believe I have the required experience and skills to work in Medoline pharmaceutical industry as a laboratory assistant.

I am a recent graduate with Biochemistry. During my student summer internship, I gained practical knowledge on pharmacology, keeping medical records, and carrying out medical laboratory tests. The student internship also gives me the opportunity to develop my interpersonal and communications skills as well as leadership qualities.

Besides, I have also acquainted myself with a range of skills from different organizations and responsibilities that would quickly aid me to become an asset to your organization.

The job requirement also specifies research abilities. I have a publication in the journal of medical biochemistry, which you will find in my enclosed resume with other necessary information. I am confident that my experience and my abilities will allow me to blend with Medoline objectives while I also learn.

I appreciate your time reviewing my application, and it will be a pleasure for me to attend an interview with you at your convenient time. I will send an e-mail as a follow up to be sure you receive my application.

Jane Susan

Why This Cover Letter Is Great

Passion: The applicant perfect indication, of her passion is one of the reasons this cover letter is part of our best cover letter examples. It is not easy for recent graduate to get a job because of lack of experience. However, you can boost your chances by showing you have the passion.

The fact that the applicant gained all those experiences in the period of the internship, shows the company can expect a lot from her. She also shows her urge for improvement by going out of her way to learn from different organizations.

Her publication in the journal of medical biochemistry sums it up. All these describe a passionate job candidate that will bring results to the company if hired.

Articulation: The cover letter is well articulated from the first paragraph to the last paragraph. It was straight to the point, no beating around the bush. The applicant was able to identify what the company wants and the cover letter addresses that explicitly.

You also can write a well-articulated cover letter if you can take time to research on the company goals for that position, and addresses them directly.

Closing paragraph: The closing paragraph was straightforward and persuasive to get a response from the hiring manager.

Sample Cover Letter Three – Creative Cover Letter

Ms. Angelina Robin
Hiring Manager
Edge creative productions
(207) 321-7690

Dear Ms. Robin

I was thrilled when I saw your job listing for the role of a creative writer on LinkedIn. As a fan of the works produced by Edge creative productions, I will be happy to be part of the writing and editorial team.

I am a graduate of mass communication. I had six years experience working as a creative and content writer for a marketing firm. I handled the company’s advertisement copy, eBook, and newsletter. Currently, I am a freelance writer. Writing is not just a job to me it is my hobby. I have a book to my name and one to be published soon.

You also request for someone with experience in SEO. I have a considerable experience in SEO writing, back link, competitor research, web analytics, and Tracking. I believe I have the skills and experience to be successful at this job.

I look forward to hearing from you. I will send an e-mail to be sure you have received the application.

Gregory Alexander

Why This Cover Letter Is Great

Creativity: This cover letter stands out from other best cover letter examples with its creativity. It is not overly formal; it is mixed with a causal tone. The tone of the cover letter is perfectly in tune with the position.

In addition, the design of the applicant’s contact information is colorful and nice. You can play with your creativity as long as the position allows it, e.g. the position of a graphic designer or video editor.

Introduction: The introduction of the cover letter is attention grabbing. It is creative and interesting enough to persuade the recruiter to read the content of the letter.

Content: In the second and third paragraph, the writer describes his experiences, skills and he did not leave out his passion for the job. The hiring managers are mostly interested in your work experience, skills, and passion. You stand a chance if you can express that clearly in your letter.

Call to action: Make sure you add the call to action. It is works like magic.

Watch this video for more, good cover letter examples

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A resume with a cover letter might just be what you need to have the job. However, make it concise; check our short cover letter examples for tips.

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